·       Intro to power systems and electric power generation

o       Production and use of electrical power

o       Sources of electrical power

o       AC and DC generation

o       Electrical Power and Energy


·       Transmission and Distribution

o       Electrical networks

o       Switchyards

o       Power Factor correction


·       Electrical equipment for power generation and distribution

o       Transformers

o       Circuit Breakers and Fuses

o       Isolators




·       Introduction to Electrical Machines

o       Motors and generators

o       Performance characteristics

o       Selection of motors for tasks

o       Types and applications for;


·       Linear Motors, Servomotors, Permanent magnet motors, Variable reluctance motors and  Stepper motors


·       Motor Control

o       Principles of motor control


·       Power Cables and accessories

o       Construction and Types

o       Selection

o       Termination

o       Installation methods


·       Design of Wiring Systems

o       Performance requirements – design and safety

o       Final Subcircuit arrangement

o       Wiring systems

o       Maximum Demand

o       Cable Selection

o       Voltage Drop

o       Fault loop impedance and Prospective fault current

o       Protective device and Isolation device selection

o       Switchboards


·       Electrical Safety and Hazards

o       Arc flash