For Sem1 2017 - Peter Abigail

This subject familiarises students with a broad range of principles needed to solve engineering problems. The concepts of static equilibrium, as described by Newton's laws of motion are utilised to solve 2D force systems with the aid of free body diagrams and the knowledge of systems of forces and moments. Other topics include structures in equilibrium, centroids and centres of mass of objects. Forces, loads and failure modes of beams & columns are investigated along with basic properties of materials to equip the student with the skills to perform basic analysis of systems in static equilibrium.

Building on the initial principals of statics the subject introduces students to the fundamentals of dynamics, (bodies in motion) Kinematics (motion of objects disregarding the forces which cause the motion) and Kinetics (forces that change motion of masses) by applying Newtonian physics to relatively simple 2D (planar) problems.