ICAPRG502A Manage a project using software management tools

ICAPRG504A Deploy an application to a production environment

This subject covers the following areas in developing software with team efforts and deploy the software product in a production environment.

ICTPRG527 Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills

This subject covers the following areas of Java - GUI development (Android), database connectivity and the collections framework.

ICADBS502A  Design a Database 

Students are able to understand the development and management of relational database, using modelling and conceptual knowledge. Normalization and consistency checking techniques are focused to produce a desirable relational database structure. Visual design tools are introduced to help the design and implementation of a database. Database technologies will be covered including forward engineering and reverse engineering techniques, object relational databases and object databases.

Covers Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML as the modeling language. The Development process methodologies used, include RUP and Agile Modeling techniques. Important Architectural and Design patterns are also covered in this course.