This course is for students in the Certificate 4 in English Proficiency at TAFESA Port Adelaide campus.  Your lecturer is Karen Middleton.

Future Pathways combines the following three core units:

  • Apply Advanced Learning Techniques
  • Prepare for a Field Placement
  • Undertake a Field Placement

Your lecturer will make the different activities and tasks available to you as the course proceeds.

2015 Semester 1, Term 1.

For Certificate 4 in English Proficiency, the following topics will be covered:

(1) LIT401 Develop Language Skills through Australian Literature
(2) VOC401 Build Topic Vocabulary
(3) PRN401 Extend Pronunciation Skills

The summative assessments will be:

(A) Keeping a reading journal and vocabulary list (on novel of own choosing) due week of 16th March
(B) Write an essay on the novel; due 23rd March
(C) Give an oral presentation on the novel; due 25th March