ICTPRG412 - Configure and Maintain Databases

The subject covers the installation and configuration of database software according to database requirements. Add database users and assigning roles. The subject focus on managing the database files, integrity, users and security. Topics will also include creating backup and restoring the databases. Database performance will be monitored.It also include documenting the database work.

This subject builds further on the 4UMLB subject. It covers the class analysis using the UML notations. The subject focuses on using object-oriented development methodologies in designing and refining class structures. Various diagrams such as domain, class, sequence, activity and state chart diagrams will be covered. UML Diagram Tool (StarUML) is used in conjunction with OO development methodologies.

ICAPRG404A - Test applications

This subject covers how to set up test plans and test cases. For unit testing, testing frameworks are used such as NUnit and JUnit. Functional Testing software is also used for automating the testing process.