Course Information:
Name of the qualification:
Advanced Diplomaof Oral Health (Dental Hygiene)
Nominal duration of the course
2 years full-time or part-time equivalent
1883 Nominal Hours

Vocational or Educational Outcomes of the Course

On successful completion of the Advanced Diploma of Oral Health (Dental Hygiene) graduates will have completed the education and training in contemporary dental hygiene practice, enabling them to work in both private and government sectors in accordance with the legislative provisions.

Each graduate will have developed the knowledge, skills behaviours, attitudes, values and judgements that will enable them to:

  • work as an integral part of the dental team to provide preventive and therapeutic oral health care on an individual and community level
  • work effectively, and in partnership, with other allied health professionals to encourage the adoption of optimum oral health practices by the individual and/or community group
  • design, conduct and evaluate health promotion highlighting the important links between general and oral health to individuals and groups in dental, allied health, and community settings, taking into account the behavioural, cultural, socio-economic, environmental and genetic risk factors and their impact on  oral health
  • collect, analyse and interpret relevant oral health data for the individual patient and/or community groups, for the purpose of designing, implementing and evaluating strategies that address the hygiene treatment and preventive oral health needs of each individual/community group, in collaboration and partnership with the patient/ client group and the supervising dentist
  • seek out and adopt new and innovative practices and advances in relevant knowledge and research findings in the dental community through readings and attendance through professional development opportunities in accordance with legislative requirements that underpin the practice of dental hygiene
  • maintain the highest level of professionalism in the practice of dental hygiene through:

    • the use of accountable and cost effective care management strategies
    • the adoption of reflective work practices
    • the application of lifelong learning and self evaluation skills
    • the identification and completion of professional development requirements
    • the provision of ethical patient care
  • provide a leadership and mentoring role in developing and promoting effective, professional and accountable work practices which are evidence based and quality assured
  • monitor and evaluate treatment outcomes as a means of providing ongoing self evaluation and continued work improvement towards responsive dental hygiene practice.
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