Unit Descriptor:

This elective unit deals with the knowledge, skills, judgments, values and attitudes needed to practice as a dental hygienist in an orthodontic environment, as part of the oral health care team.

The purpose of this unit is to build on the competencies already developed in the core orthodontic unit and apply these in a setting devoted to the treatment of orthodontic conditions, within the context of dental hygiene practice.

Application of the Unit:

The knowledge and skills described in this competency unit are to be applied within the National Law - dental hygiene regulatory and legislative requirements.

Dental hygiene work is to be carried out in consultation/collaboration with the dentist and other support dental staff in line with jurisdictional regulatory requirements.

Prerequisite Units
This unit should be assessed after achievement of the following related competency units:

                • TAFEDH023 - Perform orthodontic procedures
                • TAFEDH015 - Manage patients with simple to complex dental hygiene treatment needs

                        The unit should also be assessed in conjunction with competency unit(s) related to planning/delivery of the Advanced Diploma of Oral Health (Dental Hygiene).

                        Employability Skills:

                        The required outcomes described in this unit of competency contain applicable facets of Employability Skills.

                        The Employability Skills Summary of the qualification in which this unit of competency is packaged will assist in identifying Employability Skill requirements.

                        Nominal Hours:
                        35 Hours