This unit will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for writing, debugging and testing programs written in C in an embedded environment.

This unit covers complying and producing an energy sector report. It encompasses determining the safety requirements are met and all regulatory responsibilities are adhered to. The person competent in this unit must demonstrate an ability to identify information sources and collect and analyse and format information applicable to the electrotechnology industry and produce a report as required.

This unit is comprised of 2 units

  • UEENEED110A "Set up, create and implement content for a web server" 
  • UEENEED150A "Develop industrial control programs for micro equipped devices" 
and follows on from 2 prerequisite units

  • UEENEED151A   "Provide programming solutions for computer system engineering problems"
  • UEENEEI155A   "Develop structured programs to control external devices"